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Regulations for the use of the website and Protection of personal data

  1. Terminology for the below described General Terms of Use of https://www.eventvacation.bg, briefly referred to as the Web Page
    1. Content – ​​all content (text and photo material) of the Web page;
    2. User - any user using the Web page;
    3. Event Vacatgion Ltd with EIK BG202587370 and registered office in SLIVEN, 62A KARANDILA St - owner of the Web page;
    4. Cookies – a method by which information is stored locally in the User's browser; are small files consisting of a text set of information;
  2. Rights and obligations of https://www.eventvacation.bg
    1. https://www.eventvacation.bg undertakes to comply with all the requirements of the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data and to process and store the provided personal data of users, lawfully and in good faith, only for the purposes of providing the services and the content of the Web the page;
    2. https://www.eventvacation.bg undertakes not to distribute the User's personal information to third parties without his express consent, except in cases of:
      1. investigation of complaints about committed abuses;
      2. court order or subpoena;
      3. improper behavior of the User on the Web page or the performance of malicious actions;
    3. https://eventvacation.bg undertakes not to collect, process or store personal data such as:
      1. political views;
      2. racial origin;
      3. religious or philosophical beliefs or membership in such organizations;
    4. https://www.eventvacation.bg reserves the right to change at any time the structure, content, design or functions of the Web page, as well as to terminate access to it, without prior notice, in case of violation in the Web page or malicious behavior on the part of the User;
    5. The content of the Web page is subject to copyright. Any use of the Content that is not contrary to the General Terms of Use of the Web page is expressly prohibited, without the written permission of "Event Vacation" Ltd;
    6. In the event that the services used by the User do not meet his requirements or expectations, https://www.eventvacation.bg reserves the right not to be responsible for this. https://www.eventvacation.bg does not guarantee that the Web page will be continuously accessible or without technical problems. As a result of the use of the web page, https://www.eventvacation.bg reserves the right not to assume responsibility for damages or lost profits. https://www.eventvacation.bg assumes no responsibility, as well as any obligations for compensation in the event of direct or indirect, causally determined and special damages, related in any way to the access or use of the page;
    7. "Event Vacation" Ltd does not bear any responsibility, including criminal, administrative or civil, for the use of the Web page by the User in a way that does not meet the requirements of the Regulations, as well as the generally valid requirements of the Law;
    8. The Web page contains references to other Internet pages that are completely independent from https://www.eventvacation.bg, and the Web page is not responsible for the inaccuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information described in each of these pages;
  3. Rights and obligations of the User
    1. The user of the Web page has the right to view and use the platform as intended, as well as to use the Content, only when the Copyright of "Event Vacation" Ltd is preserved and only for non-commercial purposes. The use of the Content, without mentioning the Copyright, is allowed only with the written permission of the Owner;
    2. All User actions that interfere with the functioning of the Web page, as well as those that could harm the authority of the Web page or its Owner, are prohibited. In case of such behavior on the part of the User, "Event Vacation" Ltd undertakes to take appropriate actions to remedy the damage caused, without prior warning;
    3. The website cooperates with third parties - business partners who provide Users with copyrighted texts, services, offers and other information. Every User has the right to use the services offered by them, and in such situations the regulations of the individual Web pages come into force;
  4. Processing of personal data, when using the Website or concluding a contract with the Owner for the use of services from the Website
    1. Data processed when using the website:
      1. automatically collected technical data, such as IP address, GPS coordinates, information about the device from which you visit the Web page;
      2. data obtained through the use of Cookies;
    2. Each User is responsible for the information provided by him, if it is unreliable or refers to third parties, without their express consent, as well as for any illegal or malicious use of personal data and information. If the User does not want this information to be collected and processed, he is not obliged to provide it. Any entry of information by the User is voluntary;
    3. All personal data and information stored about the user are deleted after the end of the technological term;
  5. Protection and processing of personal data
    1. It is necessary to process and store the information you provide to us in order to improve the content and functionality of the Web page, as well as to analyze trends in the Internet space.
      1. This information is retained for a certain period of time, taking the necessary technical and organizational measures against accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, unauthorized access by a third party, modification or distribution, as well as other illegal forms of access and distribution;
    2. With each visit to the Web page, the User is identified as such, through an IP address. The IP address is a series of four numbers and indicates the Internet address from which the User accesses the Web page, points to the Internet provider and can be traced by anyone who makes a search on it;
  6. Cookies, Google Analytics, Social networks
    1. Cookies create anonymous statistics about the User's preferences, as well as about his behavior on the Web page. Through them, the website analyzes the traffic and optimizes the content. Cookies do not in any way connect your entry to the Web page with your personal data. Their use in the Web page saves certain information, as well as distinguishing Users from each other;
    2. Types of cookies we use:
      1. Analytical cookies – cookies that track site traffic and analyze how easily users of the web page work with it (Google Analytics cookies). Analytical cookies provide information such as which pages of the site the User visits and what device he uses to view the Web page and other anonymous data. Anonymization of IP addresses by means of _anonymizelp is also used for Google Analytics. The maximum period in which we keep analytical data in Google Analytics is 50 months;
      2. Cookies for precise targeting - they filter out information that is irrelevant to you and should not be shown to you. These are dynamic cookies of Facebook, Google, etc.;
      3. Functional cookies – cookies that allow you to use the full functionality of our site;
    3. The use of Google Analytics is to generate statistics about site traffic and traffic sources;
    4. The information collected by the above third parties is site performance and visit analysis - frequency, length of visit, geographic location (city/village);
  7. Governing law
    1. In case of unresolved issues and disputes, each user has the right to submit to the Bulgarian courts and relevant competent authorities, all outstanding issues that the parties have not been able to resolve through negotiations and by mutual agreement;
    2. For all issues not settled in these conditions, the provisions of the current Bulgarian legislation shall apply;